We are...
... brothers, globetrotters, passionate outdoor athletes, father, uncles and so much more! We are united by the common desire to leave a positive footprint on this world with Greentree.

It is therefore particularly important to us to found a fashion brand that is committed to good causes right from the start. Inspired by others, hoping to inspire others.

We want to be transparent in the way we work and act and see ourselves as ambassadors for nature and for animals of all kinds. We want to bring environmentally conscious consumers into contact with products that they use in a convenient way identify who support a good cause and which have been produced in a social and ecological way.

We show eco is sexy! Of course, we cannot do this alone. The following team is available to support us.


Animal expert & ornithologist

If you ask him which is the fastest animal in the world, he replies, "In the world it's the cheetah. But in the air it's the kestrel."

Soul mate: squirrel

Favorite book: Animal Lexicon


Inspirator, text writer and packing aid

When she grows up, she plans to run a farm with a friend. Should she still want to go on vacation, her grandma will probably take care of all the animals.

Soul mate: giraffe

Favorite book: The Animal Police


Ideas supplier and housing provider

Motto: Life is not a Conny farm

Soul mate: Leo

Favorite book: Animal Lexicon - on recommendation;)


Social media ninja and photographer

Motto / quote

Soul mate: Erdweibchen

Favorite book: Nature Papers

Our team