From an order value of 70 € your animal shirts will be sent to you free of charge!

This page describes the sustainable approach of Greentree GmbH in the production of fair fashion clothing.
We want to show transparently what journey your clothes went through on the way to your wardrobe.
raw materials
Mainly two raw materials are processed in our T (ier) -Shirts. 100% organic cotton from India and, depending on the T (ier) shirt, recycled polyester from China are used. The raw materials that are obtained have been produced in such a way that neither people, animals nor the environment are harmed. Organic cotton is produced without chemical insecticides, fertilizers or pesticides, which means that no toxic substances are released into the soil and the surrounding ecosystems. On top of that, the consumption of electricity from renewable energy sources contributes to sustainability.

1. Growing organic cotton

Prevent chemicals

Preserve ecosystems

Promote biodiversity

2nd harvest


Fair payment

3. Spinning

Yarn manufacturing

renewable energy

Further processing
The cotton journey continues to Bangladesh. In the factory, yarn is made from the ginned tufts of cotton. In the next processing step, the yarns are stitched together to form large fabrics and rolled up on large rolls. The rolls produced are washed and dyed in the same integrated factory. From an environmental point of view, dyeing in particular is a critical point in the production chain. An external body (GOTS-certified) ensures that only certified dyes are used and that there is an appropriate wastewater management system.

4. Knitting

large areas of fabric

machine production

5. Washing and dyeing

certified color

Wastewater management

6. Cutting & sewing

Precision work


Fine tuning
After the fabrics have been dyed, they are rightly cut for our T (ier) shirts. The patterns are then sewn into the finished shirts and made ready for dispatch. The clothing travels by ship to Antwerp and is on the home straight to Berlin. Here the shirts are printed by our partners: inside the Nur factory with the funny animal patterns using the screen transfer printing process. The printing process is a particularly high quality and guarantees a long durability and a very nice feel of the print. Then the shirt is ready and waiting to be worn by you.

7. Shipping

a boat trip that is funny ...

8. Printing house

Screen transfer printing

Production as required

9. Goal

finished T (ier) shirt

Trust is good, so is certification!
Our T (ier) -Shirt producer is certified by several independent bodies. Each of these certifications proves that environmental standards are adhered to in production at every stage and that our planet is acted with great respect. You can get further information directly from our manufacturer:
Stanley & Stella